Try It Out -- Chapter 12, Lesson 5

Match the best model to use for each situation.

{Note -it would be nice where I have written the descriptions of the models if the graphics were used, as is shown in the manuscript for Section 12.5 Question 3.}
The residents of the city are polled to determine whether they want mosquito spraying to occur.
You have agreed to supervise the local wading pool during the summer, one day a week. The pool is open everyday of the week. What is the probability you will be asked to work Saturday if the shifts are assigned randomly?
Michael and Christopher have four cousins.  They are all camping together this summer.  What is the probability that Christopher gets to sleep in the one-person tent if all the cousins have the same chance of being selected?
You will select the only blue marble in a bag of 26 marbles.


Standard six-sided die




Spinner with 7 equal sized sections


Standard deck of cards

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